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Welcome to Alpine Country Club, a two-time Platinum Club of America.  We are a full service, family-focused Club which offers its members' guests exceptional amenities and service in an environment that encourages family and long-lasting friendships.

  • Dress Code
    • Members and their guests must dress appropriately when on Club property.  Those not in compliance will be asked to change or leave the premises.

      Shirts and shoes are required at all times in all Club facilities, with the exception of the Locker Rooms.

      Underwear type shirts, sweat pants or sweat suits, bicycle or gym clothing, jog bras, sweat or running, cutoffs and short-shorts are not acceptable in any Club facility. 

      Jeans that are not torn, shredded or have holes are acceptable at the Clubhouse at all times, and at the Golfhouse only when the Clubhouse is closed.  Jeans are not acceptable at the Tennis facilities or on the Golf Course or any of the Practice Facilities.

      Bathing attire is not acceptable in the Clubhouse other than the Lower Level Locker Rooms with proper cover-ups.  Bathing attire is not acceptable at any time in the Golfhouse.

      Walking, Bermuda or Cargo shorts are acceptable every day until 7:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse Bar/Lounge and Patio, and all day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and are acceptable at the Golfhouse. Tennis shorts and warm-up suits are acceptable while dining for lunch at the Clubhouse and Golfhouse
      Men and Boys are required to wear collared or dress shirts or knit type shirts and sweaters without collars in the Clubhouse and Golfhouse. On Friday nights after 7:00 p.m., jackets are recommended. Gentlemen are required to wear appropriate dress shoes for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Gentlemen may not wear hats in the Golfhouse, Clubhouse Bar/Lounge or Dining Rooms. 

      Ladies may wear collarless or sleeveless shirts in the Clubhouse and Golfhouse, and may wear halter or tank tops while dining for lunch at the Clubhouse and at any time on Thursdays and Sundays, providing that they are appropriately tailored.  

      Only approved golf shoes with soft spikes may be worn on any green, including practice greens. 

      Gentlemen must wear collared shirts or collarless mock turtleneck golf shirts, golf slacks, walking, bermuda or cargo shorts and plus 4's. Shirts must be tucked-in. 

      Ladies and girls may wear collarless or sleeveless shirts, providing they are appropriately tailored and appropriately tailored slacks. Skirts are expected to be no higher than five inches above the knee.
      Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at the Tennis facilities.
      Men’s shirts must have a collar or be made expressly for tennis. Women’s shirts made expressly for tennis may not include crop tops, bare midriffs or strapless tops.

      Tennis warm up suits may be worn with the exception of sweat suits, sweat pants or gym clothing.

      Click here to view complete dress code policy.

  • Cell Phone Use
    • Cellular phones may not be used on the golf practice areas (driving range, putting green, chipping green and short game facility) or at the tennis facilities, Clubhouse facilities (Dining Rooms, Lounge, Pool Dining Area) or Golfhouse Grille Room or Pro Shop.

      Cellular phones may be used in the Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms, pool area (except pool and special event dining), parking lot and in vehicles. Cellular phones may be used and carried on the golf course so long as it does not slow down play and must be on vibrating mode only.
  • Electronic Devices
    • Electronic devices such as Ipads, tablets and other hand-held devices, TV's, CD, DVD and MP3 players and similar devices are prohibited in the Dining Rooms, Lounge and Golfhouse Facilities or as determined by management.
  • Tipping Policy
    • Cash tips are not permitted at the Club, other than for Caddies.